Sunday, September 20, 2020

Marking six months of daily meditation practice, a lifetime record

 What once seemed difficult and remarkable is now the norm: I meditate at least forty minutes daily, without fail. Now I consider meditating twice a day as a possible new goal, as well as similar discipline for exercise. While I have gone on retreats of two to six weeks of meditation in past decades, for a total of six months of full time retreat, I always lost momentum after returning to regular life under the pressure of work. Now that I work part time and the quarantine is in effect, I have found it easier to sit every day. My main practice is dzogchen trekcho. I find this very effective, for want of a better word. Many thanks to my teachers and to my wife of nineteen years, who is very supportive! Several friends have reached out for help starting mindfulness practice and I am doing what I can. I recommend two books called “How to Meditate”, one by Pema Choden, who is one of my primary teachers, and one by Kathleen McDonald, who was a friend in college who went on to become a Buddhist nun. I recommend a friend for remote meditation instruction, Lori Wong, who trained at Spirit Rock, among other places. Let me know if you want more information.