Thursday, January 12, 2023

RIP Jeff Beck

 I had felt stressed for a few days about a couple things when came the shocking news of Jeff Beck’s death. I just sat and watched videos of his performances for a couple hours and cried. So sad. Fortunately I saw him live a few years ago here in the Bay Area. May he rest in peace.



Sunday, January 8, 2023

PBS Great Performances “Gloria: A Life”

 Gloria is an exploration of Gloria Steinem’s life and its impact. It is a 90-minute recording of a play performed in 2019.

We found this very moving and evocative of many memories. Good to prompt insights. Highly recommended!

Jake Blount, musician

 The New Faith

continuing focus

For the last few months I have been prioritizing. Making progress, I can say. Still much to do in 2023. Meditation is both a result and cause in this endeavor. Approaching 1000 hours of pandemic meditation practice, according to my timer app. Daily practice is key to everything.

Feeling gratitude for my close friends and relatives - thank you. May you flourish and grow.

Very excited by the combination of Tools for Thought work and AI. 2023 is going to see tremendous developments!

Happy New Year!