Tuesday, August 16, 2022

Math & Magic podcast

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Friday, August 12, 2022


 Since the last post here I have focused on clarifying priorities and marching to the main beat that reveals. While continuing daily meditation, work, and married life, I have returned to the gym. For the last month I have gone nearly every day. I cut the cardio in half, to thirty minutes, and added an hour of weight lifting and stretching. My plan is to increase this to two hours total per day for the two modes combined. Taking it easy so that I don’t hurt myself or burn out, I am building up reps and weight. Just yesterday I hired a personal trainer, someone I already know who is both an expert at a climbing gym and a dance instructor. She works out of Chicago, so we’ll be remote for the most part. We plan to meet in San Francisco next month when she visits.

On the methods of prioritization, I have yet to work with LogSeq. I have begun to use an app called Bookly to track and encourage my reading, which helps a lot. More on that after a longer period of use. Fit bod looks like a good training app and has a good community on Facebook. Between the testimonials in that group and a steady stream of fitness micro-videos, there is plenty of encouragement and ideas.

We replaced our windows and in the course of making room for the crew, I re-organized things. My office is now decent and serves as a proper meditation shrine room. As for Buddhist study, I am in two vajrayana classes, one which I trail along in with the recordings and try to catch up, one of which I am up to date. Both a very helpful.

While COVID BA.5 runs rampant we are not traveling. We have started to work up some ideas for 2023, though. Sara really has cabin fever…

That’s it for now - take care out there…