Saturday, June 18, 2022

Status: meditating

 Currently focused on prioritizing, using some of the Tools for Thought/Personal Knowledge Management ideas and tools. Specifically, Spring cleaning in preparation for a week-long meditation retreat (online/at-home). Low online presence otherwise until July…

Attending a six month online Vajrayana training with Reggie Ray. Considering the three year retreat at Pema Chodron’s Gampo Abby starting 2024

Sunday, May 8, 2022

Steve Schmidt’s post on the subject of John McCain, with commentary on Sarah Palin

 Schmidt created a Substack account which we can subscribe to. His first post covers some the issues I referred to in the previous post. Schmidt’s post is available to read without paying.

Trump/Palin ticket in 2024?

 A key development for coverage of US politics: Steve Schmidt tweets extensively about Sarah Palin and her selection by McCain. As immediate follow up, Seth Abramson describes Russian influence on Palin prior to her selection. He explores her rise, her connections, and the possibility of a Trump/Palin ticket. His long article is behind a paywall and I am a subscriber - wish you could read it.  Anyway, pay attention to this topic.

Wednesday, April 20, 2022

RIP Bonnie Thompson, friend of 55 years

 Died of Alzheimer’s this weekend, so this is bitter sweet. She was like family to me, as was her entire family. All the best, Bonnie. You were a friendly, humorous, and helpful presence in my life.

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