Tuesday, September 18, 2018

Cory Doctorow on BookTV

Cory Doctorow appeared on BookTV's program In Depth and he was as interesting as usual.  Highly recommended!

One thing that Cory mentioned I must comment on: people shorting stocks based on illegally obtained information from corrupt FBI agents.  Although for a while early on I was a member of the website run by Anthony Elgindy, I quit before the criminality began and I had nothing to do with it or even with naked shorting. I kept to a clean path, which I eventually realized was not possible on Tony's site, where I was a naif. As I've said other times, the cyberbullies who focused on me around the turn of the century were in part triggered by me shorting stocks during the Dot Com boom (otherwise known as juggling flaming swords).

also see American Greed S4E28

new bike trail plan headed to Jerry Brown's desk


Europe's current fascist trend


Long but important piece.

Sara and I visited the area about ten years ago and saw the museum mentioned here.

Monday, September 10, 2018

typical stress and strain challenges for Black Americans

This story is an example of:
1) why we need the BLM movement
2) encouragement to resist the especially racist time we are in, which Trump gives license to
3) the crazy stress of everyday life for Blacks in the US and the unreasonable level of caution they must exhibit just to survive


online mindful communication class

This hour-long GreenZoneTalk class has been released to the public

Friday, September 7, 2018

Mueller probe of deep background of California swing dancing

this detailed information shows that Mueller will go to any lengths to find the roots of swing dancing in So Cal... or, in other words, Internet Geeks will catalog anything so we can use it!
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