Saturday, January 12, 2013

Thoughts prompted by the suicide of Aaron Swartz

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While I did not know the man, his choice to do this and his connection to the development of the Net bring to mind some thoughts.

I too once suffered from depression that brought me to my knees and to the brink of disaster.  What kept me going was the sense that we can't actually end it and can't erase and start over, that we have to address the root of things.  I dropped the non-sense pre-occupations of my life, went off the Net and into therapy, took meds, and restarted my spiritual practice.  Equally important, I found the love of a good woman, who had known me for a long time, who knew my essential core to be more than what was prominent at that time.  I got to a better place, those many years ago, and continue.  I am very grateful for this opportunity and the grace that has led to a very happy and productive life...  All Thanks...

I suspect that Aaron felt that there wasn't a viable future, that the forces weighing on him were too much.  I know that was true for one of my closest friends, who also took his own life a year ago.  I wish they both had seen a glimmer of hope for something better and had chosen a different path.

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