Thursday, February 14, 2013

Tea Party brewed by Big Tobacco

study of the astroturf roots of the Tea Party confirms what RS and I have discussed for decades: the Right is very good at building their movement primarily because they fund it well and pay to manage it professionally.   The increase in the concentration of wealth and the Citizens United decision feed this tendency steroids and that shows strong results.  We are fortunate that they are outnumbered and on the wrong end of demographic trends.  What is the answer to this asymmetry:  if I can make billions of dollars from an idea that lowers the standard of living of 300 million people by one hundred dollars each, I have all the incentive in the world to pursue the idea while the 300 million won't be moved by the one hundred dollars?  Replicate that pattern throughout the economy, society and politics and you have what we face today.

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