Sunday, November 4, 2018

stochastic violence

Someone who wishes to remain anonymous wrote:

I learned a terrible new word this week, "stochastic," as in stochastic violence. Look it up. It's the use of propaganda and incitement that creates a probability of violence without knowing the specifics of how or where it will occur. It's not really random, though the randomness of specific targets is part of the terror. It strikes me as related to the fascists' long use of a "strategy of tension," to increase societal fear and violence and then exert more control. Combined with the easy access to weapons for the X% of the population that is unhinged -- it's bad and it cannot be unintentional.

I heard about "stochastic terrorism" on Pacifica radio this week in an interview about the rise in hate violence. Apparently, it's a known social science phenomenon. The quantity of violence is predictable while the where, when and how is not. A fascist strategist like Steve Bannon would know its usefulness.

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