Saturday, December 11, 2021

Six by Sondheim documentary

 I was deeply moved by this documentary about Stephen Sondheim. I had an inkling this would happen, based on my enjoyment of the three part coverage of Sondheim on Fresh Air, but I was not sure. After all, I am not a fan of musicals, especially mainstream ones. Having seen a few and watched some filmed,  I know they are not my cup of tea. This, on the other hand, is! I do like watching documentaries and here is one that stands out to me. What impressed me is his level of creativity and his ability to explain his creative process. A comment Gregory Bateson made came to mind, that Milton Erickson was the best therapist, but his theories of what he did were mediocre. Sondheim is supremely a master of both. Watch this and see what I mean! Streaming on HBO Max.

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