Saturday, January 6, 2018

my brother, Doug, died unnecessarily on January 2

Thanks to all of you offering support following the death of my brother - it matters to me. Here is what I found in the last three days:
Doug went to the hospital to get treatment for an infected hand (cellulitis), a very common issue. While receiving IV antibiotics he ate a large piece of chicken unsupervised, which was not good practice, as he has no teeth. He choked to death and was revived with difficulty (30 minutes of CPR, failed attempts to intubate due to not knowing the chicken was lodged in him, etc) and consequently his brain was without oxygen for 6-8 minutes. Over the course of the following week he declined until he died. I am now talking to the coroner. The hospital did not know he had relatives and his home care provider did not notify us until the day before he died. What a tragedy...

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